Visual Artists' Open Mic

Workshop Date: 20 Mar 2022 Tuesday 18:30 - 22:30(GMT)
Location: Too Young Too Simple Studio, 80a Ashfield Street, London, England, E1 2BJ
Price: £8 (1 Drink Included)
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Calling all visual artists (not just photographers!) and anyone interested in visual arts!

We would like to invite you to our studio for a chance to connect with like-minded creatives. You'll have an opportunity to socialise, present and discuss your work in an informal and friendly setting.

For those who wish to share their work (up to 5 people), you will have 30 minutes for your presentation and questions from other participants. You can share your portfolio, specific projects - anything you wish!

You can also network and get to know others who share similar interests.

On the day, we will be joined by a special guest (TBA). They will share their work at the end.

More drinks will be available in the studio (suggested donation £4)

When you arrive in our studio, please help yourself to a drink (included in the entry fee). More beverages will be available in the studio - a suggested donation of £4/drink will be appreciated, and will help us organise similar events in the future.

To all presenters:

To help us with the logistics, please make sure you let us know beforehand what your presentation will be about. Please email your name and some information about your work to tooyoungtoosimplestudio@gmail.com
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