Hands-on Large Format Camera Led by Kevin Percival

Workshop Date: 24 Apr & 8 May 2022 Sunday 11:00 - 16:00
Location: Too Young Too Simple Studio, 80a Ashfield Street, London, England, E1 2BJ
Workshop SizeUp to 12 Students
Minimum Level RequiredBeginner, Large Format Camera Provided
Price: £250/Two Days
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This is a two-day workshop, with sessions taking place two weeks apart.

On day one, we will focus on understanding how the Large Format Camera works. Every student will have the opportunity to experiment with the mechanics of the camera. Afterwards, you will work with Kevin to design simple lighting setups (between one and three lights) and take portraits of the fellow participants. Each participant will have two sheets of large format film to shoot. We will produce a polaroid before each shot to evaluate the lighting and setup.

We will then develop the film and make contact sheets for every participant, ready for the second day of this workshop.

On day two, we will review the photographs taken during the first day of this workshop. As a group, we will evaluate everyone's prints. We will carefully consider what can be improved, as well as discuss the differences between this format and the one participants normally use.

During this review, we would also like to encourage all participants to showcase some of their previous work. You are welcome to present the projects you have been working on prior to this workshop and ask the group for feedback. At the end of this session, Kevin will present a summary of his work and take questions.

We Provide
• Large format camera
• Development of film and contact prints
• One studio setups with studio lighting and backdrops.
• Two film sheets per student
• Tea and coffee.
About Kevin Percival
Kevin is a documentary photographer working commercially with museums such as The Science Museum and The British Museum. He is currently documenting the British Museum’s collection.

Before that, he balanced his time between documenting objects in the studio and working on longer projects, such as documenting the Science Museum employees and archives or taking portraits of cancer patients using a large format camera.

Kevin previously worked on various documentary projects. One of his landscape projects - Tanera - was published as a photography book. Kevin was also one of the winners of the Portrait of Britain competition by The British Journal of Photography in 2020, with a portrait he produced while documenting the residents of a Co-op housing organisation.
Kevin Says
I’m particularly interested in how the landscape can become a portrait of the society that lives in it, and that society’s evolution over time. I find it fascinating how a wealth of information can be read within a seemingly simple landscape image by viewing it with a different perspective and background. Recently, my work has taken a more overtly political turn, and I hope to raise awareness of ecological and socio-political issues with subtle, questioning imagery.
Selected Work
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