Too Young Too Simple Studio is a photography studio that was founded by a photography duo, Maria and Xiaobo. Two years later, and after we survived the Covid 19 period, we decided to start running our own Photography Workshops.

Why workshops?

We always wanted to run a space that can work as a commercial space but also create a creative community. Both of us have experience in education and we have access to a lot of amazing professionals who come in to use the space. One day we realised we really enjoy seeing how each photographer works differently. Both of us have learned more by observing these projects taking place than by doing photography ourselves.

We just found ourselves in a position to have access to a lot of knowledge and creative ideas and decided to share them.

What’s our background?

Maria: I studied Photography and Audiovisual Arts in Athens and worked as a portrait photographer while I was studying. Then I moved to London to do my Masters in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster. I met Xiaobo there and together we started our first business that was fashion and product photography and video production. At the same time I also started teaching photography and film on different levels and became more and more interested in that part.

Xiaobo: I was working as a fashion photographer in Shanghai when I decided to come to London to do my first Masters in Photographic Studies. After graduation and whilst running the photography business with Maria, I started my second Masters in Goldsmiths University on Photography and Digital Arts, during which I became interested in AI and its application in visual arts. I am currently doing my PhD on Computing Art and I am focusing on synthesising Chinese Calligraphy.

What makes these workshops different from other training out there?

Maria: They are designed with a lot of care both from the studio and each tutor separately. We called a lot of professionals, not only photographers, but also different kinds of creatives like stylists, designers etc. All these people gave us feedback and a lot of them agreed to become part of the project. It is very rare to have the opportunity to be part of an actual professional crew, which is willing to share their experience with you.

When I first started teaching my first supervisor advised me to design my classes in a way that I feel I would like to take them as a student. I definitely feel jealous of the people who will attend these ones.

Tell me a bit more about the photographers you're working with - why you chose them, what they will bring to the table?

Xiaobo: They are all established industry professionals who we already know and have seen in action! We pick our favourite ones and try to have a variety of styles and subjects. We started with creative still life photography and Fashion editorials but we are planning to add a large format film one soon and a portfolio review. There will be some talks of photographers working on art projects and artists working with prints. So stay in touch!
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